Birgul Koc

My name is Birgul Koc from Istanbul Turkey. I’m a medical doctor specialized in gynecology . I also studied Photography and Videography at my university. I interest in photography has started 9 years ago. Since 2019 l am taking Candid Street photography only. I love being on the streets casually, trying to document valuable moments of its beauty before it evaporates. Street photography, in my opinion is a concept that beyond the classical fiction tendencies, it implicates contrasts, spontaneities, it is the light, the shadow, the irregularity. With every passed day in my career I notice that the every day and every moment of life contain different types of people, cases, excitements, worries and joys at the same time. This and thenecessity of fast deciding and taking action makes me exitedand makes my mind, my heart and my soul come to the same line.