Alison McCauley

Alison McCauley is a photographer whose approach to the people and locations she photographs is instinctive, open-ended and subjective. She weaves her images together to create non-linear, intuitive narratives. Alison’s work often explores the idea of identity, belonging and memory.  Her images are frequently infused with melancholy and feelings of restlessness and loss.  Alison is especially interested in presenting her visual narratives in books that she makes by hand and in traditionally published books.   Copies of Alison's books are in the Tate Library and Archive, the Bibliotèque Nationale de France, the Amrican Centre for Photographers (North Carolina) and the Library of Cannes.  She is a member of UP Photographers and a selection of her work is represented by Millennium Images.  Her work has been featured widely in print and online.    Alison is currently based in Geneva and Cannes